Since the 1880s, The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club has been at the forefront of the sport in Canada, a club where like-minded enthusiasts and tennis aficionados gather in the heart of the city to participate in a timeless sport.

While tennis is at the centre of The Lawn, the club is expansive and offers programs and opportunities for all ages. With world-class indoor and outdoor tennis, singles and doubles squash courts, fitness and wellness, and swimming during the summer, as well as outstanding dining options, The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club is a year-round whirl of activity. Additionally, with a range of options for children and teens, the club is a hub for the modern family, allowing everyone to stay active and enjoy a variety of athletic opportunities.

With a secluded location just off Yonge Street that showcases all of Toronto’s vibrancy, members are offered the best of Old-World charm, where a friendly atmosphere is found within the club’s ivy-covered walls.

Whether you’re a world-class player (who can often be found working on their games at The Lawn), a competitive amateur, or someone who just enjoys a spirited rally with friends before or after work, The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club captures the best the sport has to offer.

Toronto Lawn Tennis—A vital past and a vibrant future.

Reciprocal Clubs

Members at The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club are offered the opportunity to enjoy reciprocal club privileges throughout Canada, the United States, and abroad. From the Cairo Club in Egypt to the Stoke Park Club in England or Yokohama Country & Athletic Club in Japan, Toronto Lawn Tennis Club members can always work on their games when life takes them away from Toronto.

For additional membership information, contact Membership Director Linda Nabus at 1-416-922-1105 (Ext. 241) or [email protected], or Membership Coordinator, Lloydnie Swampillai 416-922-1105 (Ext. 350) or [email protected].

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The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club continues a tradition established in 1876 as one of the premier, private tennis Clubs in Canada for adults and their families. While first and foremost a tennis Club, it offers squash, swimming, fitness, dining and an evolving range of complementary recreation and social activities to suit the needs of its membership.


The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club strives to provide a private Club offering of tennis, recreation, social and dining activities with a premier member experience that:

1. Is focused on tennis as the foundation of Club activity;
2. Delivers facilities and programs at a consistent high-quality level;
3. Offers a range of social and recreational activities to serve a multi-generational membership in a harmonious environment;
4. Provides a variety of dining offerings that rank among the members' favourite places to dine;
5. Maintains and is guided by the TLTC values;
6. Celebrates our Club’s almost 150 years of tennis history in Canada while recognizing and addressing the evolving needs and expectations of the membership regarding diversity, inclusiveness and the environment.


The Values of The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club should reflect its history and the values of the members and staff. This reflection will maintain the Club’s relevance to its internal community, and therefore ensure the future of the TLTC.

Sportsmanship: The TLTC will maintain the Club’s code of good sportsmanship, fair play and courtesy to all members and guests, respecting the Club’s history of tennis in Canada.

Community: The TLTC will foster a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community for members, staff and guests, who will act with respect, honesty and transparency.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Through a strong sense of community at The TLTC, the Club will foster a safe environment in which all stakeholders welcome, respect and engage individuals of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, acknowledging the value and dignity of all.

Environment: The TLTC will foster and support environmentally responsible initiatives throughout the Club and the neighbouring community.

Quality, Responsibility, Governance: The TLTC will consistently maintain the high quality of the facilities, programs and services for all stakeholders, evolving with the needs of the Club. The TLTC will maintain high standards of fiscal responsibility and adhere to good governance, to ensure the Club’s stability and long-term success.