1913-1918: Brief Glory, Interrupted by War

Official opening of the new grounds took place on Saturday, May 10. The new grounds immediately became the centre of tournament tennis again. The Ontario championships were held there in July and although the National championships – a closed affair – were played on ten new grass courts at the Broadview Y in the second week of August, they were followed by the C.L.T.A. championships, that month, as reported in Saturday Night. “The present summer is the T.L.T.C.’s first season in their new quarters on Price Street, east of Yonge and south of the C.P.R. tracks. Here on a plan of grounds enclosed by a brick wall 20’ high, in time to be obscures by a close line of poplar trees, 20 clay courts have been laid out and the clubhouse erected. The clubhouse is of grey stucco and in the Mexico or hacienda style of architecture, with spacious upper and lower balconies overlooking the courts.